DSV Warehouse

Developer Partner: Leeswood Construction

Project Details

The DSV International Transport and Logistics project was completed in 2019 and included the following details:

  • Developer Partner: Leeswood Construction
  • 1.1 million ft2 floor facility
  • 35,000 ft2 administrative office
  • specialized Extended Joint Floor Slab construction  – minimum 150 ft. width
  • Canadian Partner for materials for Extended Joint Floors
    • Komponent Cement Additive –
    • optimized concrete mix design with steel fibre integration
    • prevents drying shrinkage cracking
    • minimizes control joints by up to 95%
    • improves abrasion resistance up to 60%
  • optimized joint placement to improve operational efficiency
  • minimized or eliminated saw cut joints
  • included innovative cosinus joints prevent joint slipping 

Project Overview Video

Project Image Gallery

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